The CFD Pancake Breakfast

Cheyenne Frontier Days Presents

The CFD Pancake Breakfast

Wednesday 7/25

7:00 am (event ends at 9:00 am)

Cheyenne Depot Plaza


Where: Cheyenne Depot Plaza (but the lines may start many streets over! Follow the crowds!)

Who: Anyone is welcome!

What: Free flapjacks, ham steak, butter, syrup, and coffee (or milk for the wee ones)

How: Many thanks to the Kiwanians of Cheyenne for volunteering to take on this gargantuan task!

When: Monday, July 23; Wednesday, July 25; Friday, July 27 from 7 - 9 a.m. (they'll stay until the last person is served! But expect long lines. It can take an hour to get through it!)

The CFD Pancake Breakfast
The CFD Pancake Breakfast
Head down to the Depot Plaza to see an amazing feat! If you're not aware of the history of this grand event, take a seat and listen up.

This event is held each year not because pancakes are awesome (because they are), but because the Kiwanis of Cheyenne are tasked with something larger than flapjacks: in the event of a emergency or disaster, how can they ensure the community members will be fed?

They took on the challenge, and the Pancake Breakfast volunteers now see how long it'll take, how many resources it'll take, and just how people will respond to waiting for their meal.

The Kiwanians serve up more than 100,000 flapjacks, cook 3,000 pounds of ham, serve 9,200 cartons of milk, and a whopping 520 gallons of coffee, along with 630 pounds of butter and 475 gallons of syrup!

We're a town that comes together for things that matter. And flapjacks are at the top of that list!
Venue Information:
Cheyenne Depot Plaza
1 Depot Square Capitol & W 15th St
Cheyenne, WY, 82001