Adult Co-Ed Sand Volleyball Tournament - Superday 2019
City of Cheyenne Community Recreation & Events

Adult Co-Ed Sand Volleyball Tournament - Superday 2019

Lions Park
Ages 16+
A fun, competitive 4x4 sand volleyball tournament for adults and older teams as part of Superday 2019 festivities.

Minimum age of participation is 16 years old. Parent or guardian must sign the attached waiver. Teams must have a minimum of 4 participants to join the Superday 2019 Tournament. Up to 8 players may be on the roster.

4-on-4 Adult Co-Ed Sand Volleyball Tournament Rules

  1. Teams check in at Kiwanis Community House (back porch) 15 mins prior to game time.
  2. North Lions Park – 2 Sand Volleyball Pits
  3. Bracket to be sent to Team Captain by June 19.
  4. Two games guaranteed.
  5. Players must be at least 16 years of age or older to participate.
  6. Four players must be present to start a match; Players may be inserted into the lineup upon arrival after they have checked-in with the Chair (Waiver must have been signed). There can be up to 8 players on the roster.
  7. At all times there must be one male and one female on the court.
  8. Net Height 7’4”.
  9. Ball weight around 9-10 ounces, with 2.5-3.2 sq. inches of pressure.
  10. Players provide own uniform. Superday 2019 theme “Be Entertained!” Dress to impress. This is a family event; please keep that in mind when creating the uniform. Tournament Chair reserves the right to deem subject matter inappropriate.
  11. The Chair has the right to disqualify players whose clothing is too revealing by viewers and audiences.
  12. All matches will start at their designated times. There is a 10-minute grace period until a forfeit is declared.
  13. Two serves (no blocking or spiking during serve).
  14. Players can touch the ball 3 times maximum before they return it across the court – blocks included.
  15. Players are permitted to cross below the net in Beach Volleyball – but this will be classed as a foul if it tampers or interferes with the opposing team’s play.
  16. There is no set position for players after the serve, meaning they can move to any part of the court they wish at any time after the serve. All players must rotate in and out.
  17. Scoring:
  18. A match consists of the best of 2 out of 3 games.
  19. Games are played to 21 points, RALLY scoring, cap of 25 points if needed 3rd game played to 15 points cap of 20 points
  20. Teams call their own matches. There will be support staff at each court.
  21. Teams switch sides every tenth point (for example with score at 4 – 6 or 5 – 5)

Superday 2019 will be held if rain occurs but will be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions. Due to the incredible amount of planning and participation of numerous volunteers, there is no reschedule date or refunds.

Venue Information:
Lions Park
8th Avenue & Carey Avenue
Cheyenne, WY, 82001